49ers vs Seahawks


While we are at the end of the Brady/ Manning rivalry, we are seeing the birth of the Wilson/ Kaepernick era in front of our very eyes. This game is going to be special for totally different reasons to the Patriots vs Broncos duel. Firstly, both these teams are just as desperate as the Patriots and Broncos. The 49ers have been on the cusp of greatness the past two seasons (losing in overtime to the Giants in the NFC championship game and falling short to the Ravens in the Superbowl). This is their 3rd straight trip to the conference championship, and if they don’t take advantage of this opportunity, how likely is it that they get back to this spot next year? The Seahawks, on the other hand, have never won. Ever. They have been to the Superbowl and have lost, but they are yet to win. There is unprecedented expectations in Seattle, and let’s be honest, they did not respond very well last week. The Saint’s had all the chances in the world to win that game and advance, but Brees played perhaps his worst game as a pro at the worst time, and Seattle escaped. San Francisco, on the other hand, walked into Carolina and dominated the Panthers on their home field. Momentum is theirs.

But the question must be asked: does that mean anything? Usually, it absolutely does. But these two teams know each other so well, there will be no surprises. In my opinion, it will come down to one man: Michael Crabtree. The Seahawks can take away everything, Kaepernick’s movement, Frank Gore’s effectiveness, Vernon Davis’ ability to open a game up. But if they do concentrate on those areas, that leaves either Crabtree or Boldin in single coverage. Now if it was just Boldin, I think Seattle could contain that, but both of those guys? No. They can’t contain everything if Crabtree is single covered. And if that happens, that will put the ball in the hands of Wilson and make Seattle throw rather than being able to control the game on the ground with Lynch.

The game is in Seattle, obviously, but I don’t think that will be a massive difference. San Francisco plays there once a year and they are a bunch of veterans that have played in big games before, and for once, they are significant underdogs. I say they embrace this and seize the moment like they did last week and walk out with an impressive victory. 49ers beat Seahawks 27-13.