Boob Review 2


It’s that time! I cannot believe I’m about to do this again. Actually, I can’t believe this blog got so many views. Who am I kidding though? Everyone knows that: boobs > everything. Let’s be honest 😉 And I’d like to give a shout out to Matt, who picked the first four girls. All of which are blonde (and he says he doesn’t have a preference, right). I chose #5. You’re welcome and you’ll thank me later. Now onto the boobs!

Jade Newby @jadenewby01

Shape: 7
Cleavage: 5(Sorry, I just wasn’t impressed)
Size: 34D
Real? Probably. I wouldn’t pay for those. Ouch, sorry.
Overall: 6

Rachel Burr @rachelburr1

Shape: 9
Cleavage: 10
Size: 34F
Real?  I guess they could be!
Overall: 9

Hannah Welby @hwelby4

Shape: 8
Cleavage: 8
Size: 34D
Real? I want to say no. If you look up topless pictures of her, her nipples seem too perfect and everything seems a bit too perky.
Overall: 8

Larissa Bartolo @larissabartolo

Shape: 9
Cleavage: 8
Size: 34DD
Real? I would think so.
Overall: 8.5

Rosie Jones @rosieofthejones

This girl has the most perfect boobs I’ve EVER seen. They looked so good that I had to actually find out if they were real or not. Can someone tell me why there is a wikiAnswers page for “Are Rosie Jones’ breasts real?” Glad I’m not the only one who needed to know!
Cleavage: 10
Size: 30F ?
Real? Hell to the yes. I wish I could high-five her.
Overall: 10, and you can shut up if you think otherwise.

Actually, I think she deserves more pictures! Sorry about the bandwidth, Matt 😉

rosie jones amazing boobsrose2











And can I just say that this is actually kind of difficult? A lot of these girls Matt and I keep finding are models, or have a modelling background – so they’re all pretty upscale for boobs. We need submissions!