Boob Review 3




It’s been brought to my attention that I have been way too nice and generous when it comes to the boob review. I guess I’ll have to change the way I’ve been grading then! We have also had a few people say that we should throw in some “regular” girls as well, so…here you go. (You asked for it…)


Hannah Grieves @HannahJay86

Shape: 5, they’re not very perky.

Cleavage: 5

Size: 36F?

Real? I hope so.

Overall: 5







Sophie Hanan @sophieHanan

Shape: 4

Cleavage: 5 (probably the best part about them)

Size: 38DD

Real? Sure. I’ve never seen boobs almost fold in on themselves though…

Overall: 4







Tammy XxX @Tammy_XxX

(Finally a smaller breasted lady for all of you who aren’t a fan of huge tits 😛 I’m going to be honest though, her ass > boobs. Just saying!)

Shape: 6

Cleavage: 3

Size: 36C

Real? Yeah, I’d be really surprised if they were fake

Overall: 5




rebeccamuirRebecca Muir @bekks24

Shape: 5

Cleavage: 5

Size: 36D… Maybe. At first glance, they look tiny. But after careful inspection, they’re surprisingly large.

Real? Yeah.

Overall: 5





Fortunately, we saved the best for last. She blows these other girls away. And she’s cool as hell (but don’t worry I’m not biased ;)… well maybe just a little.)


Dad I Want A Zombie (we have no idea what her real name is) @dadiwantazombie

Shape: 8.5

Cleavage: 8

Size: 30F?

Real? They are not. But who cares!! She saved this post. Let’s give her a round of applause!

Overall: 8.5





So there you have it for another week. With the exception of the last girl, that was almost painful. Let’s get the bad taste out of our mouth with some more pics of this weeks top girl, shall we?