Boob Review 4


Alright, so last week’s boob review was a little rough, and we’re blaming all of you for that! You wanted more “normal” girls (with less of a bust) to be reviewed, and look how that turned out! That’s the last time we’re listening to you guys :3 But no, seriously, please continue to submit your requests 🙂

But this week we have gone back to the smoking hot girls, and here’s a selection of better boobies 😉

If you want a girl to be reviewed, leave a comment or tweet me directly @sweetohiolass




Katee Owen



Shape: 8
Cleavage: 7
Size: 34H
Real? Yes… I think.

Overall: 8. She has a nice rack, but they’re almost TOO big. (Matt says, “Less is more” – that definitely applies here)


        Lauren Dally    

Twitter: @Lauren_Dally

WHO IS THIS GIRL!? Why does she look so familiar? When she’s blonde, she almost looks like Charlize Theron or something. This is killing me.

I’ve spent hours and hours just googling trying to figure it out…I’m not going to be able to sleep at night. Ohhh right, I’m supposed to review her boobs….

Shape: 6
Cleavage: 4, they are quite far apart
Size: 34D
Real? No.

Overall: 5


Sabine Jemeljanova

Twitter: @SabineOfficial

Shape: 4
Cleavage: 5
Size: 34D
Real? Yes

Overall: 4.5



Emma K

Twitter: @Emma_K_Model

(Her ass is nicer than her boobs in my opinion, which is saying something! Maybe we should rate butts too :P, Matt?)

Shape: 8.5
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 32E
Real? Yes

Overall: 8.5


    Irene Nell

Twitter: @IreneNell

Website: Between The Rucks

Alright, this woman is a beautiful blonde South African babe – who Matt may or may not be a little obsessed with. But it’s okay! We all want to be obsessed with her too 😉

Shape: 9.5
Cleavage: 10
Size: 36G
Real? Yes

Overall: 10