Boob Review 5


After last week’s epic Boob review, how in God’s name do we follow up with this edition? Can we continue the high standard of Boobs? Well let’s stop talking and find out!

Libby Powell


This girl was featured on the Chive; that’s how I found her. She’s athletic and has a teeny tiny waist but huge boobs.


Shape: 8.5
Cleavage: 8
Size: 34G
Real? NO, definitely not.
Overall: 8


Lucy Pinder


Twitter: @LPinderOfficial


30 yrs old! WOW! Not bad for being “older” (according to Matt). I love that 30 is considered older. On an unrelated note, her nipples are
uneven BUT she is redeemed for being in a movie directed by Bill Murray called Strippers VS Werewolves…leave it to Bill Murray. I like her!

Shape: 8.0
Cleavage: 7
Size: 34F
Real? Yes.
Overall: 7.5


Kelly Brook




This girl is a bit thicker. Nothing against thick women, some people think that’s more feminine. Her boobs actually aren’t that big for her
figure. She dated Jason Statham for 7 years! I guess we know what kind of women he likes.

Shape: 4.5
Cleavage: 6
Size: 32D
Real? Yes
Overall: 5.5


Leanna Decker


Twitter: @Leanna_Decker


Another “natural” looking girl (all her weight is in her butt). But it’s okay, because she’s a GINGER! FINALLY A GINGER!

Shape: Not bad….7.5
Cleavage: 6
Size: 36D
Real? Yes
Overall: 7


Vikki Blows


Twitter: @BlowsOfficial


She’s an alternative model. How the hell does this chick have so many followers? I mean really. What is wrong with her face?! She actually looks like she’s some sort of weird Asian mix. Asian fusion gone wrong maybe.
Shape: 2.5
Cleavage: 2
Size: 32B
Real? They’re definitely real because they’re fucking tiny.