Boob Review 6


After last week’s (uh should we say mediocre? Yes, let’s run with that…) mediocre boob review, let’s hope we can pick up the pace and review some good fucking boobs this week. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Let us begin with…


Emma Glover

Twitter: @MissEmmaGlover


This girl is fit as fuck! Her abs are awesome so her boobs look huge.

Shape: 8
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 32F
Real? Let’s be honest, they’re probably fake, but they’re still epic!
Overall: 8.5


That was a good start, let’s keep it rolling with…

Rachel McDonald


Twitter: @Rachel_mode1


Her back is better than her front! Nice ass. Just saying. She seems fairly classy though, so I like her. I like her photos. She’s a very good model.

Shape: 6
Cleavage: 5.5
Size: 34B
Real? Yes.
Overall: 6.5


So far, so good! Let’s hope I don’t jinx myself here…

Samantha H


Twitter: @_SamHugsxo


She’s pretty ordinary looking. Nothing too special here.

Shape: 2.5, there really isn’t much of a shape
Cleavage: 3, but only because she pushes her boobs together in almost every single picture. I wonder what she’s like in person, if she’s always pushing them together. Can you imagine when she walks around? I wonder if she’s pushing them together then too…
Size: 34B
Real? Yeah, totally.
Overall: 2.5


O.K. that was bad. Surely it can’t get any worse…


Berenger Rose


Instagram: @BerengerOfficial


Okay… at first look this girl seems like a total bombshell. HOWEVER, upon further inspection, wow… just no. Not only is she heavily photoshopped, but can we stop with the botox? It doesn’t look good, not unless you want to have permanent duck lips. Gross! And the difference between her modelling photos and her selfies are appalling. It doesn’t even seem like the same person! Ughh. I’m just going to go burn my retinas now.

Shape: 2
Cleavage: 2
Size: 36F
Real? Yep.
Overall: 0 – I just, I just can’t.


Ash: Matt, you finish this off while I flush my eyes out…

Matt: Uh, OK then. I’ve got to admit, this is a bit strange – I’m critically analysing boobs instead of jacking off to them. But let’s begin with none other than:


Twitter: @sweetohiolass

I bet nobody expected the boob reviewer herself to be reviewed! But seriously, how in the hell am I meant to be critical here? These things are amazing.

Shape: 8.5

Cleavage: 8

Size: I don’t understand the numbers, but DD

Real? Yes sir!

Overall: 9. For real boobs, these are about as perfect as possible. Plus I have a newfound respect for her after doing one review! It’s hard to criticise such amazing gifts from God himself (or doctors). Even at 9 out of 10, or 90%, this score feels way too low.


I guess I have to wrap it up as well. There were some great boobs in this as well as some horrendous ones that even I, being the boob lover that I am, have to sit back and say “no, just put them away”. Keep your submissions coming through, and until we (and by we, I mean Ashley) meet again, Bon Voyage!