Boob Review 7


It’s that time again! You guys should look forward to this every week now, I mean, who wouldn’t? Last week we had some ups and downs (more downs than ups I feel) but that’s alright! It’s a new day, a new week, a new boob review. Let the reviewing commence!

Let’s kick things off with…

Sascha Read

Twitter: @SaschaRead

Shape: 6
Cleavage: 4
Size: 34D
Real? Fake Fake Fake.
Overall: 4.5


Eh, not really a good way to start. Next up is…

Sammy Braddy

Twitter: @SammyBraddy
She has a nice body for the most part. Not too many cleavage pictures though, she’s very topless a lot of the time. But her boobs are brilliant for their size.

Shape: 8.5
Cleavage: 7 (I could barely find any pics to review this!)
Size: 34FF
Real? Yes.
Overall: 7.5


Now that is more like it! I wonder who is next…

Jessika Boulton

These are a little bit on the smaller side. She’s a pole dancing model that doesn’t seem to like to show much, because it was a bit difficult to find decent photos of her. I think pole dancing is the most interesting thing about her actually.

Shape: 4.5
Cleavage: 3
Size: 34C
Real? Of course.
Overall: 4


Moving right along…

Kayleigh J

This girl is like the UK equivalent of Berenger Rose (huge different in selfies vs modeling pictures). She’s also obsessed with taking photos of her ass and her shoes. Her twitter is full of interesting erotic photos also. Be sure to go check that out…or don’t. Yeah, don’t.

Shape: 5
Cleavage: 7
Size: 36F
Real? Undoubtedly. Wow.
Overall: 5


So we’ve gone from mediocre to epic and back to mediocre. Not good! Who is our final girl…

Jessica Kingham

Twitter: @Jessica_Kingham
The nicest looking one of the week, I’d say! She’s in awesome shape. And she seems like a really classy girl!

Shape: 8
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 34F
Real? Yes
Overall: 8.5



Well, that selection wasn’t the best – but it also wasn’t the worst either! I’ll make it a point next week to find some better ones.
Until next time 🙂