Boob Review 8


….and we’re back! Sincerest apologies for the mini-hiatus/dry spell – I know you guys really missed the weekly Boob Review. I’ll do my best not to make you go without for that long again 😉

Onto the part you’ve been waiting for! Let’s start with:

Joey Fisher

Twitter: @joeyfisher_

This chick has huge boobs!! Unfortunately, they’re a little droopy haha. Shame.

Shape: 7
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 36G… G for GINORMOUS (Is that even a word?)
Real? Yeah

Overall: 7.5


India Reynolds

Twitter: @missireynolds

I think this girl is gorgeous. Probably my favorite of the day. She’s really pretty with her big brown doe-y eyes. Too bad we’re not here to
judge her face!

Shape: 7.5
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 34E
Real? Real!

Overall: 8


Tessa Fowler

Oh my god this bitch is ugly. She looks like she’s constantly in pain. Classy chick, sitting on the toilet drinking a beer. Reminds me of a certain person sitting on the toilet

Shape: Who even cares?
Cleavage: 2
Size: 34F
Real? So disturbingly fake.
Overall: 1 (And that’s really high right now)


Jessica Davies

Twitter: @_JessicaDavies
Mehhh. She’s just okay. She does a lot of the same poses, but she has an interesting look to her. Kinda cute with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face is more attractive than her boobs though.

Shape: 5
Cleavage: 4.5
Size: 34D
Real? Yeah, I’d say.
Overall: 4.5


Melissa Howe

Twitter: @Melissahowe1990
She is in decent shape! Upside: Playboy bunny, nice face, decent rack. On the downside: no ass, botox duck lips.

Shape: 7
Cleavage: 7
Size: 34D
Real? Most likely.
Overall: 7


So there you have it, the girls for the 8th boob review. Keep sending your submissions, we do look at all of them! And make sure to follow us on Twitter @CleavageInspect

Until next time 😉