Boob Review 9


Welcome back to the boob review! The show where the scores are made up and the points don’t matter… Oh sorry, that’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? My bad… Moving on!

Gabrielle Louise 

Twitter: @Gabs_Louise

At first I thought she was cute but  I keep having to remember that we aren’t judging the face…

Shape: 7
Cleavage: 8
Size: 36DD
Real? Yesss
Overall: 7


Melissa Debling 

Twitter: @MelissaD89

These just look so small, but I guess they’re not really! She’s a really cute blonde with a very underrated rack.

Shape: 8
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 34E
Real? Yeah

Overall: 8


Hannah Elizabeth 

Twitter: @misshannahelizx

All of her is pretty fake. She just reminds me of a barbie doll. Sooo plastic. She’s very lucky we are only judging boobs.

Shape: 7
Cleavage: 7
Size: 34F
Real? As fake as fake can be.
Overall: 6.5


Kelly Rose

Twitter: @KellyRose01
She seems super conservative because it took forever to find any pictures to even be able to judge her boobs! Nice cleavage shots though.Shape: 8
Cleavage: 9
Size: 36DD
Real? Yep.
Overall: 8.5


Jodie Gasson

Twitter: @Jodie_GassonI think I like her better when she’s facing away from the camera. It’s not that she’s bad looking, her smirk is just obnoxious.Shape: 6.5
Cleavage: 8.5
Size: 36E
Real? Definitely
Overall: 7.5


Stay tuned for next week when we come out with a special boob review for our tenth edition! And don’t forget to keep sending us your requests on who to review on Twitter @CleavageInspect