Chargers vs Broncos Preview


So far the NFL playoffs have shown us not to mess with history. The Saints choked hard on the road and gave up a brilliant opportunity to advance to the NFC championship game, just like in years past. The Seahawks, were able to find a way to scrape their way to an unimpressive victory at home. The Patriots showed that we cannot predict anything apart from their brilliance, and the 49ers proved once again that balance is a beautiful thing in football.

Now you may be asking me “what the hell does this have to do with the Chargers and Broncos game?” and I’m glad you’re thinking that. It’s simple. Peyton Manning has never been great in the playoffs. Ever. Even when he won MVP in the Superbowl against the Bears back in 06, he was mediocre. Philip Rivers is 2-0 against Peyton, and both times, Manning and the Colts were favoured to win. History can’t repeat itself again, can it? Especially when we remember last season the Broncos lost a heart breaker at home to the eventual champion Ravens after finishing with the best record in the AFC, but here we are in the same kind of a situation, and believe it or not, but I am leaning towards the Chargers here. I expect Rivers to have a better game than Manning. The run game is an advantage for Denver, as is Special teams, but with Von Miller out, I think Denver’s defense (if anything) is slightly inferior to the Chargers.

In fact, the only thing that could save them is if Moreno actually carries them in a situation like Terrell Davis carrying the Broncos (and Elway) to his first ring in 97. It will be close, maybe even another overtime situation like last year, but I’ve got a feeling the Chargers will do it. They’ve won in Denver this year, and the Broncos and Manning have a gun to their head here. I’m going with the Chargers shocking the world and winning 31-28.