Ah, fanboys... What would we do without you? So passionate. So brave. And yet, so blind. No one admits to being a fanboy. Everyone knows that being a fanboy is very bad and is looked down upon. So, is that why they don't just come out and say it or do they really believe that they aren't fanboys? Are they in denial or do they not know?

I have to admit I've had to ask myself the question, "Am I a fanboy?" And interestingly enough, I found that I was not. How did I come to that conclusion? Well, number one; I'm a fan of many things and I don't berate someone for having a different opinion than my own. Number two: I also don't yell, "fire" when there is none. Why would I? And number three: I don't say things like, "The playstation is flawed because it doesn't play xbox games". But, fanboys exist everywhere not just in the gaming culture.

I just read an article on the Forbes website about the new Nexus 7 tablet. It's my inspiration for this article. I'll leave a link somewhere to it. The author said the tablet had one, "Serious Weakness" and it was that it ran Android. Really? I want everyone to know that I'm typing this up on my iPad. I bought the first 3 iterations of the iPad but, when the 4th came out in less than a year with nothing really new, it left a sour taste in my mouth. I still really like my iPad but, I'm not going to pledge my allegiance to Apple because of it. 

This author makes the point that, "some people just like IOS. Period". That's true but, does that really mean that Google's Nexus 7 tablet is flawed? No, it doesn't. The whole article is just a poorly veiled fanboy bash. Even though he claims it is not. Here is why it absolutely is. The only way his argument could be valid and unbiased would be if he said that the tablets flaw was that it didn't run all OS's so that people could choose what they prefer. I mean is he suggesting that google should start making hardware for Apple? That is just absurd. There is nothing wrong with preferring one thing over another. And I don't mean this to be an attack on the author. I just wanted to show that everyone is susceptible to becoming a fanboy if we're not careful. 

Fanboys are forever. Whether its; Apple vs. Android, Microsoft vs. Sony, Google vs. Bing, Bing vs. your mom, or my country vs. your country. They will forever be as long as people have choices and the need to justify those choices to anyone who will listen. They think, "if they bought what I bought then I must have made a good decision". Isn't that sad? People buy iPhones because everybody has one and they want to fit in. Then they get this sense of loyalty and a need to defend and protect it. If something new comes along and threatens their dominance then, well, it must be crushed. Fanboys Arise! Whatever happened to individuality and identifying with yourself and not these devices? Chances are you could buy any flagship phone or any high end tablet and be happy with it. *gasp* There isn't an end all be all device and there likely never will. Especially since companies like Apple like to dangle, "the carrot" so to speak. Offering something slightly improved and calling it revolutionary. The first iPhone and iPad were revolutionary. Everything since, not so much.

I've come to the conclusion that fanboys do not know that they are in fact fanboys. So, I've devised a simple way for you to, "get a clue". If the following statements make you mad then you may be a fanboy:

I prefer Xbox over Playstation. I prefer Android over IOS. I prefer Nokia over Samsung unless we are talking about TV's then i prefer Samsung over Sony. I prefer bacon over anything. 
All of these things could change. Something could definitely change my mind but, it won't be because somebody told me so. Now if only there were a way to get them to stop trying so hard.