How The Matt Barnes/ Derek Fisher Beef Exposed Sports Writers


At this point, we all know the story. On Saturday, Matt Barnes reportedly drove almost 100 miles to his ex-wife’s house to confront current New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher for being there. The story sounds more like a rejected script for a mediocre sit-com, but somehow, NBA Fans and “respected” journalists are lapping it up and having a good old laugh over the situation. In a situation like this (just like the Durant/ Stephen A. Smith public whinge), I’d shake my head (more at the reactions of people who get so invested into this trivial gossip), but it’s impossible for me to stand back in this situation.

There is a history of domestic violence from Matt Barnes relating to Gloria Govan (Barnes’ ex-wife, and the woman who is at the centre of this ridiculous situation). It’s unbelievable that some people can see the funny side of someone, who has a violent history with this woman, continuing to make her life miserable because he disapproves of her actions, but yet we have professional journalists making light of this incredibly sensitive and serious situation. What’s even more unbelievable about all of this, is we’re barely 18 months removed from the Ray Rice incident where he was captured on tape knocking his fiancée out in an elevator and dragging her body to the hotel room. The reaction to that tape was one of justified disgust and shock. The reactions to this situation with Matt Barnes has been, well…

OMG!! ME TOO!! You know who else is probably crying from the obvious hilarity of the situation? Gloria Govan! I bet she’s ROFL right now just thinking that she has to be in fear for the next time that piece of shit Matt Barnes tries to violently assert his dominance over her life again.

Good God. What are women viewed as in society by the media? Are they a possession or people? Don’t answer that.

Yes. That would bump it up from 4 stars to 5.

Oh yeah, let’s blame Derek Fisher for this.

I could go on for hours with this, but it’s obvious that there is a percentage in society need to be reminded of some pretty simple truths here: Gloria Govan owes nothing to Matt Barnes. Not a single thing. And neither does Derek Fisher. She is free to see who she pleases without the fear of violence being inflicted on her. For members of the media, who absolutely love to spew the “holier-than-thou” narrative because of their positions of reach to be endorsing and celebrating this behaviour is beyond mind-blowing. It’s disgusting. It’s absolute bullshit. And it’s exposed their inability to think without direction themselves. Domestic violence is not a joke. Violence against women is not a joke. Maybe you idiots should think about that before trying to get a few retweets on twitter? The behaviour of Matt Barnes is that of an aggressive, sexist, dangerous, misogynist phscyo that has been empowered his entire career to act this way. His behaviour is an intentional act to try to, by force, assert his dominance over Gloria Govan’s home and personal life.

It’s not a fucking joke.