Kobe Bryant vs Steph Curry 1 on 1


There’s no question that both Kobe and Curry have very different games, but no one can deny just how dominant these two individuals have been. As Kobe’s career is winding down, and Curry ascending (seemingly on a daily basis), the torch has been passed the same way Magic and Bird passed it to Jordan, and Jordan passed it to Kobe. The question remains though, in their primes, who would win in a game of 1 on 1? Our panel discusses.

Pick: Kobe. The only reason curry would be in this game is because of the 3 ball, but if you want to talk about scoring Kobe has seen it and done it all Michael Jordan Jr. has/had all the moves in his repertoire he’ll post you up, His mid-range game is automatic, and even the 3 ball. And let’s not get started on defense 9x first team defense 3x second team defense, curry doesn’t have the size to get in Kobe’s way. Bean’s got 4 inches and 20 pounds on the kid. Prime Kobe would be salivating at the mouth to match up with Stephanie. I could go on and on why curry wouldn’t have a chance to beat Kobe. Scoring, defense, size advantage there is just no way.

Pick: Kobe. Kobe! Kobe!Kobe! In a rout . I love Steph Curry, great player but the comparisons to MJ and calling him an all time great is laughable. Yes he is playing outta this world and he’s making some of the games best players look silly while trying to guard him but he has to do this for the next 4 seasons to even be mentioned with the Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson’s of the world. Now back to the 1 on 1 , Curry only chance would be to get the ball first and start shooting 35 ft 3 pointers because Kobe in his prime was a great defender and with his length could bother Curry jump shots. When Kobe has the ball its BBQ chicken because Curry would have no way of stopping Kobe. No need to drag this out. Kobe wins

Pick: Kobe. Next to Jordan Kobe has been my favorite player in the league. Now that Kobe is singing his swan song Curry has taken the torch as my favorite current player. I just love the players that embrace the skill and the artistry of the game. A lot of players rely on the physical attributes and never grasp the cerebral side of the game like change of pace , footwork, positioning, tendencies, sweet spots, go to moves and counter moves, balance ect. All we see is crossovers one dunks. That’s what makes these players and the likes of Larry Bird special. The skill and technique is superior to all conventional defensive stances. As to who would win one on one naturally I would say the bigger man has the advantage because he can post easier and force the smaller man to settle for long jump shots. But Curry doesn’t have a normal jump shot . You can concede him anything. Plus Kobe has to much pride and respect to allow the game to be played that way. He will accept the challenge and press defend Curry. Which by all accounts is equally unwise. Curry has the ball skills to get by any defender with ease and finish with either hand. His deadly jump shot makes every ball fake and hesitation five time more lethal. As impossible as it is for Kobe to guard Steph it is equally impossible for Steph to prevent the mamba from getting any shot he wants. Kobe is without peer the best difficult shot maker of all time. Kobe has the best footwork pre-dribble I’ve ever seen. His post ability will cause Steph nightmares. So back to who would win. Right now I have Kobe rated top five all time in league history. I have Steph somewhere in the top 25. So I’m gonna give Kobe the slight edge. But that is now by the time Curry retires he may be my all time guy even surpassing MJ for top spot. The man is not only changing the way the game is played he is also changing the way we view it. All the kids at the gym with the And 1 crossover shirts are now doing cone drills and shot release and elevation techniques. The three has surpassed the dunk on Sportcenter highlights. It’s a new day

Pick: Steph Curry. This matchup had me changing my mind numerous times. Conventional wisdom makes me lean towards Kobe. He has the size, the athleticism, and the skills to go head to head with anyone. But Steph Curry is not only defying conventional wisdom; he’s redefining it. Horrible shots (pulling up from 35 feet) is a good shot based off his skill level. He no longer has to prove that he’s the best shooter of all time, but it seems like every week he reinforces that claim. He’s without a doubt, even with just above average defensive abilities, the best player in the game right now. No team can guard him. He’s lethal in screen and roll situations, plus has the versatility to go off the ball and create his own shot off the dribble. Opposing teams are so petrified of him that they’re leaving All-Star caliber players such as Green, Thompson, or Iggy, open in a desperate attempt to slow down Curry. We’ve seen great players in the past get doubled (Shaq, Jordan, Bird, Kobe, Duncan, Malone, LeBron, etc), but we’ve never seen teams double off all-stars in attempt to slow someone down. But in a game of one on one, there are a few things to remember here. The first is no screens, which is what Curry uses primarily to gain an advantage over his defender. Kobe has the footspeed to stay with Curry, and the length to challenge his shot. The problem is, Curry has such a quick release, unless if Kobe blocks it, I’m not sure if that will make such a huge impact. Curry also has great handles and can use that to get what he wants. On the other end though, Curry really can’t do anything except gamble for steals and use his lower body strength to try and prevent Kobe from doing what he wants. Bryant could be baited into shooting 3’s to prove to Curry that he’s a superior shooter. If that happens, this game will be over faster than your head can spin. I think Bryant would be smart enough to give Curry a healthy dose of his brilliant post game and wear him down, but would that be enough? You can’t trade 3 point baskets for 2’s. It’s not going to work, and I’m going with Steph here without any real confidence. It’d be an unbelievable thing to see.