Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots Preview


Based soley off the recent blood rivalry between these two franchises is perhaps the most intriguing matchup this weekend, but could easily turn into the most lopsided. When Indy won a thriller last week against Kansas City, most people were quick to declare them as a genuine contender, but I wasn’t one of them. Was I impressed with the comeback? To a point. But, as with anything, context is key. The injuries that Kansas City suffered is what really sparked the comeback for the Colts, and not Andrew Luck. The Chiefs were questioned all year long for being one dimensional on offense and relying on Jamal Charles too much, but he was injured on their first drive and did not return. All 44 points that Kansas City were a result of much ridiculed quarterback, Alex Smith, and I haven’t even mentioned that this was a home game for the Colts. How on God’s green earth are we meant to think that if Indy can’t slow down a Jamal Charles-less Chiefs’ offense at home that they will have any chance in New England and Tom Brady throwing the ball? It doesn’t look good, and this could be the most decisive victory of the entire playoffs.

The only thing going for Indy is Andrew Luck is an enigma, and can produce any type of performance. New England has been decimated by injuries all season, but they have had time to prepare and make the adjustments. I expect a short passing game from Brady, fully utilising his slot receivers, which will open things up for their run game. The Patriots know exactly what they’re doing here, they’ve been doing it for years, and realistically the only chance Indy has if is Brady gets injured. I’m picking the Patriots to win 29-13