New Additions to the Outside The Hype Network


As some of you perceptive individuals may have noticed, Outside The Hype has undergone somewhat of an overhaul over the past month. What we have done is create a variety of new features and sections that you might not have expected to see here, but I hope you enjoy nevertheless.

The first addition you’ll probably notice is the additions to the network. We now have 3 contributors with their own areas where they can post without my interjection or editing. Let’s have a closer look at all 3:

Dream on


Many of you will instantly recognise Ashley from her outstanding work with the boob review, and she has expanded her role into her own blog; Dream On. What you’ll find here is Ash’s thoughts and take on life, which is a completely different perspective that you’d expect from a developing cat lady. Ash’s motivations with her blog is to capture exactly how random her life truly is, and translate that for everyone else that is bored enough to read it.

Pain in the glass

oil painting wine

In addition to Dream On, we have also given Aly a section called Pain in the Glass. Aly is able to articulate the juggling effort required to balance being a single mum and having aspiring career ambitions and still attempting to find romance in todays world.

Over Expecting Asshole


This might be the riskiest new direction that I’m going in with these new sections. The Over Expecting Asshole (you will never find out his, or her, real name as they wanted to remain 100% anonymous) is an anything goes, nothing off limits critique of people, actions and society. It will be controversial, but it could be cool, so I’m willing to give it a shot.