“Nice Guys” Always Finish Last.


For as long as I can remember, I have been hearing horror tales about how being nice in life will get you absolutely nowhere, and when I was younger, I believed it. But now as I’ve gotten a bit older and questioned everything from Quarter Pounders to Kindle Fires, I’ve come to the realisation that it is being “nice”, and not being nice, that will get you nowhere (apart from being friendzoned, but we’ll get to that in a minute.)

Allow me to explain the difference, and please note the use of the quotation marks. A “nice guy” will almost always refer to himself as a “nice” and “genuine” person, and shockingly enough, most people around them (but not close enough to know their real intentions) would describe them in a similar way. This perception is nothing more than a charade. What a “nice guy” wants is to manipulate and guilt a girl into sleeping with him by being the ultimate friend and the person that her Mother will end up saying “why don’t you just date him?”

A genuinely nice guy, or person for that matter, will understand (and appreciate how uncomfortable the girl may feel) that the girl isn’t interested in him and back off and find someone who is more likely to be reciprocal to their generosity and kindness. You might be thinking “how in the hell am I meant to tell the difference?” Don’t worry, it’s simple. Like everything else, time and actions expose everything.

Now why am I writing this? I guess I’m just sick to fucking death of seeing guy’s whinge and whine about being friendzoned by girls. It is always (and I hate using the word always, but I am yet to see an exception to this), according to the “nice guy”, the girls fault. They invent a scenario that makes his wasted effort a noble quest to overcome is his target’s shitty taste in men, because admitting that they wasted their time pushing for something that was clearly never going to happen is just too much of a reality check for them.

Why would anyone follow in his footsteps?

Why would anyone follow in his footsteps?

Here’s a newsflash to all you “Nice Guys” out there: Regardless of how “Nice” you want to pretend you are, no girl, under any circumstances, has to sleep with anyone they don’t want to. The moment you lose this entitled mindset and stop objectifying women, your chances of actually getting a girlfriend will increase dramatically. What “nice guys” are doing can only be described as a weak form of manipulation. They can come up with all the excuses in the world as to what they are trying to accomplish, ranging from “but I am really a friend” to “well I guess I should just be an arsehole then”. If you were really just a friend like you claim you are, then why on God’s green earth are you bitching about being friendzoned? And don’t try to use the “well maybe I should be an arsehole”, because you already are (and on top of being an arsehole, you’re a lying, manipulative piece of shit too.) And what’s even worse, is if they remain in contact with the girl and find out that she is being abused or mistreated, they celebrate that! Oh yeah, brilliant job at being nice guys, you motherfuckers.

You’re probably wondering why I’m so pissed with this, and my explanation really isn’t all that complicated. This behaviour is insulting to both genders. Obviously it’s insulting to women because it not only insults their intelligence, but it objectifies the hell out of them. But it’s also insulting to men because you’re one of us, and the moment I do anything nice (like open a door or buy someone lunch) their guard is instantly up because they think I’m one of you. I have to go out of my way to be ruthless to show them that I’m not one of you idiots, which I don’t particularly enjoy. The moment I compliment someone on their smile or sense of humour, I feel like she’s trying to figure out if I’m genuine or not because of all you thirsty dickheads say that crap to every girl you ever come across and then get butthurt because they don’t believe you.

At the end of the day, you’re not smarter than anyone else. You can’t manipulate a girl into liking you, and I’d venture to say that 9 times out of 10, you get put in the friendzone because girls see right through the lies. Stop being a passive-aggressive douchebag and start being honest with your words, otherwise you’ll continue being lonely and bitter with life.

Look, I’ll simplify it for you; If you like a girl, ask her out on a date. If she says no, move on and go find another one. It’s not rocket science.