Patriots vs Broncos


Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of either of these teams in the slightest. Both teams have been dominant over the past two seasons, and both quarterbacks have legitimately placed themselves in the discussion for the top 5 of all time. So what is there to not like about them? Oh I don’t know, classless acts like needlessly running up the score on numerous occasions in search for individual stats maybe? I might sound bitter, but I can’t stand how Peyton Manning has somehow become synonymous with class when he continues to do that this late in his career when you’d think that the only thing he would be concerned with is winning. Brady, on the other hand, I’ll give him credit, he does seem completely focused on winning. The only problem is he will do anything it takes (including cheap shots at his opponents when they’re vulnerable. Remember this?) to give himself an advantage, and that includes sacrificing the integrity of the game (Spygate?)

But yet, I’m excited. This is historic. There isn’t a whole lot of rivalry between these two teams (apart from being the last 2 franchises to repeat as champions in the NFL), but the QB duel is a rare treat. We haven’t seen them face off in the playoffs since 2006, and here we are 8 years later on the edge of our seat. Realistically, this is probably the last time we will see these two battle each other with so much on the line. It’s great, and I can’t wait to see it.

Matt, just shut up! What will happen in the game?

I don’t know. There. You’ve got me. I do not know. Denver is stacked, and at home, but boy did they look shaky last game against San Diego. New England was assertive when they needed to be against The Colts. That tells me that The Patriots are the much more consistent team which is surprising when you look at the injuries they have to endure this season. Brady is special, man, and the playoffs are his forte. The same cannot be said for Manning. If Manning does not match Brady, with the weapons he has and home field, the Brady/ Manning debate is done. So much is on the line here, and I’m not just referring to perhaps their last shot to play in the Superbowl. Their entire careers, their legacies, the QB of the generation. This is it.

I’m going to pick New England in a stunner. Everyone has been talking about redemption for Denver after losing to Baltimore last year. The same thing happened to the Patriots, they too were demolished by The Ravens. Brady and (maybe even more importantly) Bill Belichick understand these games, these environments better than any QB/ Coach tandem in league history, and they capture the moment and win 31-27 in Denver.