Saints vs Seahawks Preview


The Seahawks are at home (where the last time they lost a home playoff game was 2005) against a wildcard New Orleans team that virtually nobody picked to even make the playoffs seems fairly academic, right? Wrong. New Orleans showed last week in Philly incredible resiliency and balance on offense to steal their first road playoff victory in franchise history, and that is a critical component to success in the post season. I mentioned in the wildcard weekend that expectations are bastard of a thing, and how having no external expectations can be a great advantage over a team that feels they have to win. The Seahawks have absolutely everything to lose here, and the key for New Orleans is if they can apply enough pressure on Seattle for them to crack. The match-up between Brees and defensive back Richard Sherman is probably what will decide it.

I’m torn with this pick. I can easily see the Seahawks boiling over and losing this game. But I can also see the makings of a dynasty in Seattle, similar to what we saw in San Francisco in the 80’s. Before Montana and Bill Walsh, the 49ers had never won anything. Then came in an upstart coach, drafted an overlooked QB in the 3rd round and built a powerhouse. I see history repeating itself, but it’s a big call, but remember you heard it here first.

I predicted the Saints would make the Super Bowl from the wildcard position before the season, but I’d have to be an idiot to ignore the cauldron that has developed in Seattle. New Orleans has found a way to lose big games on the road in years past, where Seattle has found a way to win games at home. That will change this weekend with New Orleans shocking the world, winning in Seattle 24-19.