Could Michael Jordan Slow Down Steph Curry?


In light of Steph Curry’s incredible start to the season and appearing to be unstoppable, we ask the question if Michael Jordan himself would be able to slow down Steph Curry. Here’s the breakdown of the entire show:

  • Has there ever been a better opening week to a NBA season than what we’ve just seen?
  • Does Draymond Green make Steph Curry unguardable?
  • Is Steph Curry the best player in the world right now?
  • Could Jordan, in his prime, slow down curry better than defenders in today’s game?

Honestly, we had an entire show planned for a week in review recap, but absolutely got side-tracked with the Steph Curry conversation. What can we say apart from sometimes it happens. We’ll be recording another show within the next 24 hours addressing the other teams and players.