Superbowl 50 Preview


As we get closer to the Panthers/ Broncos showdown in Superbowl 50, we have a special football only podcast for the big game. And when I say “we”, I mean “me”.

  • Overview of the significance. Peyton’s last game vs Newton’s ascension
  • Momentum from last week, and playoffs in general. Panthers have been dominant on both sides of the ball (except for second half against Seattle). Denver has been shaky. What can we take from that?
  • Is this Denver team better equipped to handle the pressure of the Superbowl than the one that was destroyed by seattle?
  • Is Peyton as a game-manager his most dangerous role?
  • Who has the advantage defensively?
  • Can Cam dominate?
  • Predictions for the game, and ramifications for the winners and losers based off the possible outcomes.