Rachel Williams


Glamour model Rachel Williams (not to be confused with the American actress who goes by the same name, and is nearly 50 years old) has developed a strong reputation for her rack, but I don’t know what to think about her. On one hand, she has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with her bulldog. Now, I love dogs, but bulldogs are more like pigs than dogs. But then when stalking her social media researching for this article, I came across an Elaine from Seinfeld appreciation post. So should I like this girl or not? When in doubt, refer to the boobs. I’m not really sure if they’re fake or not, as she has a giant scar down her cleavage. Now this could be from anything, and most incisions for boob jobs come from under the boobs, but there are cases when it is from the middle of the chest. If the scar isn’t from a boob job, then I apologise for being a bitch about a potential open heart surgery. Or perhaps she is just a cyborg? Ah, now it makes sense! She’s from the same production line as Katya in Archer. Wow, two TV show references in one boob review. I need to get out more. This would also explain how she has such perfect hair as well! While I try to come to terms with the human race being invaded by a legion of super hot cyborgs, have a look at this .gif of her boobs bouncing in a bikini.

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