My Thoughts on Today’s NBA


Matt’s note: I’ve known Doug for nearly 10 years now, dating back to old basketball forums that we used to post on. He’s a keen and opinionated NBA and NFL fan that also loves playing sports video games. As a Raptors fan, he offers a unique perspective that I’m sure you guys will enjoy. And without further ado, here’s Doug!

I’ve been an NBA fan for a long time now and every year it seems to get that much better. The one thing the league needs to do is fix the slam dunk contest. The league is clueless when they think they’re actually improving it each year with new rules and ways to run it but there actually downgrading it. This year’s one was the worse in years with the new rules they introduced to it. They literally they need to go back to the original format and make it like it used to be which was exciting all-star weekend event where you couldn’t wait to tune in to watch it. The best one was definitely back in 2000, and even though I hate Vince now, I can’t take the back the fact that I loved the sick dunks he pulled off in that 2000 dunk contest. Seeing the perfect between the legs dunk left me in awe it became my favourite type of dunk just from a dunk contest. When you get those types of reactions by watching a dunk contest you know that is how it’s supposed to be excitement and addictive to watch. So come on NBA: bring back the Dunk Contest and make it the way it’s supposed to be and stop with the new bogus ways of trying to improve it when it’s obvious that your efforts are counterproductive and are ruining this once great event.

Carter's 2000 dunk contest performance was one of the best.

Carter’s 2000 dunk contest performance is considered one of the best in the history of the event.

Many people may say the NBA has lost its excitement to watch now that lots of guys that were fun to watch are long retired like Shaq, T-Mac, and Allen Iverson and such. It also makes you wonder will Kobe Bryant aka as the Black Mamba and other nicknames be the next one to call it quits and how fans will react to this, and it might just happen sooner than when we think as he’s been hindered by a bad ACL injury last year that has flared up this season and forced him out for the rest of this year after just 6 games. But you can never tell with Kobe. He’s always been a brilliant player on the court from all angles on offense to playing intense defence. For all basketball fans, and not just big Kobe fans, though it will truly be a sad day whenever he does decide to call it quits.

The construction of the Boston "Big 3" has changed the league.

The construction of the Boston “Big 3” has changed the league.

The concept of franchises try to create “super teams” in one off season is a fairly new occurrence. Some teams try to form a Big Three, like The Celtics did back when they tried it with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett with Pierce already being there it actually worked for them as they did pull off a championship. But then other teams started to copy that trend like the Miami heat bringing in Lebron James and Ray Allen along with Chris Bosh. Another example of the team it worked for as they now have two championships won. But that trend also doesn’t always work as well as the Lakers tried it bringing in Pau Gasol and then Steve Nash along with Dwight Howard with Kobe already there. And it spelt disaster for them as they had a horrible season Dwight didn’t fit in with the team. Steve Nash was injury prone and missed a lot of games and when he did play he didn’t really do much. Kobe and Pau were the only ones doing great stuff for the Lakers till they got their own injuries as well and all went down for them after. Of course Steve Nash is still on the Lakers roster now but Lakers coach, Mike D’Antoni announced today that he won’t play the rest of the reason and you can tell his age has got to him he’s still getting hurt a lot and isn’t the same Steve Nash that used to dominate for the Suns or Say the Mavericks. It’s obvious that he too can be heading for the retirement rafters as well being already 41 and it will also be a sad day to see Steve Nash hang it up when he does as he was another example of a great player.

All in all this season of NBA has been good and I’m thinking it might be two new teams in the finals if the Pacers keep the way there playing up and on the other side The Spurs or Thunder those might be the teams you’ll be seeing in the Finals. Of course you can’t also count out the Heat making it to the finals for the 4th straight year, but anything in the NBA can happen.