What Really Happens At Trump Rallies


With most media reports being hijacked by blatant political agendas, it’s virtually impossible to truly understand what actually goes on at a Donald Trump rally without being there. Fortunately, Brandon Tatum attended a rally in Tuscon Arizona as an unbiased observer and posted his thoughts in a video that went viral. I reached out to Brandon and invited him to come on the podcast, and he accepted. In episode 44 of the OTH podcast, we discuss the following:

  • Brandon’s expectations in attending the rally
  • His interactions and observations upon arriving at the stadium
  • What happened once inside
  • Tensions between protesters and observers
  • How the media portrays what happens, as opposed to what actually happens
  • How social media and traditional media has been used to form a false narrative based off lies
  • Responses Brandon has received to his video
  • How a society willing to accept lies is undermining our cohesion and tolerance towards each other, and creating a hostile and environment for everyone
  • And much more

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Here is Brandon’s video on Youtube. It can also be found on his Facebook Page; Brandon Tatum, and he can be followed on Twitter right here @TheOfficerTatum

Here is Jason Nicholas’ photo and description of what happened at the same rally:


The following are some of the videos that were referenced in the podcast:

Black Lives Matter in New York City calling for “Dead cops”


Mystery-Trump-scrawls-Atlantas-Emory-UniversityNews article about the “trauma” caused on students by the chalk writing can be found here: University students in pain after Trump Slogan