Why Microsoft Should Have Kept Its Policies


I was going to write about the misconceptions and advantages of  Microsoft’s online and used game policies but, as you probably already know, things have changed.  I don’t believe for the better either.

I’m 33 now(the average gamer is in his thirties) and I’ve been gaming since I was 5 when I first remember playing Donkey Kong JR. on my colecovision. After that it was the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, and PS3 that I played on. I also had every gameboy ever including a virtual boy. Oh, and a very disappointing PsP. I currently have a 3DSXL and passed on a Vita. I am a gamer. A very angry gamer.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve had less and less patience for loading times and boot up screens. I want to game now and not 5 minutes from now. That holds especially true for handhelds(I’m looking at you Vita), mobile phones, and tablets. If an iOS game takes longer than 5 seconds to load I’m deleting it. I have no time for you. This is why when I saw the Xbox One reveal event and witnessed all that instant app and game switching it was a revelation. It was something that I was actually discussing with my wife a week prior when I was switching from playing borderlands 2 to Hulu Plus on my 360. A process that takes a lot longer than it should and one that annoys my wife as well. I said to her, ” I hope on the new console I can switch between apps and games like on my Ipad.” And there it was and it was even better because you could multitask as well. So, I came out of the conference with a positive attitude. I knew that games were going to be the focus of E3 so, I was not upset about them not spending much time on them at the reveal. I am a hardcore gamer but, that doesn’t define me.

That brings me to all the coverage on the new consoles. I watched and read tons of videos and articles from sources like; polygon, Kotoku, IGN, Rev3, The Verge, and Machinima to name a few. From the XBone reveal up until Microsoft’s policy revert all of the articles and videos were overwhelmingly negative. “Gamers” were pissed. Let me tell you something about these supposed gamers. Most of them are idiots. I’m going to share two examples of this because it speaks to the eagerness of ignorance these “gamers” have.

Rev3 has a live stream called, “Address the Sess”. They also post the video of the stream on their YouTube channel which is how I watch it. The host is Adam Sessler, formerly of G4’s X-Play, a videogame show that was on for over a decade. “Address the Sess” is a google+ hangout where Adam invites your average gamer to have an intelligent discussion about games. The first episode I watched was about the XBone reveal. Adam wanted to know the impressions gamers got from the conference. The very first guest was asked, “Did you watch the conference?” The reply angered me to no end. The guy said, “no”. But, that didn’t stop him from having a very negative opinion of it. I would say about 90% of the gamers that joined the Hangout did not watch the conference for themselves. They heard something they didn’t like second-hand and said, “Me too!” It was clear, things were not looking good for Microsoft.

The second episode I want to discuss came right after MS changed their DRM and used game policies to mirror the current gen. Hooray for progress, right? So, in this episode the very first guest was asked something like, “In light of the MS policy change, does it change your mind about the console?”  Remember these changes are what gamers wanted, what they cried bloody murder over. The guy says, “NO” and goes on to say he loves his 360 but feels, “betrayed” by Microsoft now and it’s “Too little, too late”. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t want to go back and watch it for fear of becoming stupid. I couldn’t even watch the rest of the episode cause I was so mad. Now I’m going to break format here a little bit and speak directly to this jackass.

Please, imagine I am holding him by his shoulders and shaking him while yelling, ” Microsoft doesn’t owe you anything! If you think the MS, Sony or any other corporation for that matter cares about you and how you feel, then not only should your opinion get revoked but, so should your right to vote. They “betrayed” you? Give me a break! Get over yourself. And what’s this, “too little, too late” comment? Too little is just plain stupid as it was exactly what you asked for! They even dropped region locking which is something hardly anyone was talking about. So, how about, “too late?’ When would’ve been a good time for you, huh? Before and only before Sony said they weren’t going to have 24 hour check-ins? Well, that’s reasonable. I’m sorry. Here have a cookie.”

The fact of the matter is people don’t like change as much as they beg for it. Especially when they don’t understand it. Microsoft had their sights on the future and boy was it looking convenient. But, alas the internet is full of trolls and sheep. But, it’s not completely their fault. The sheep follow the shepherds. Who are the shepherds in all of this after all, the media. The media knows this and they milked this story for all it was worth. They fell in love with the hype. You know what the videogame media is talking about now? All the convenience and features we are all going to miss out on because of Microsoft’s 180  attempt to appease everyone. Isn’t that interesting? You were upset before but, here are some reasons to still be upset. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. F*cking A**holes.

So, I ask you “Where were all these articles about the convenience and the future of gaming at before it was taken away?” Nowhere. The truth is not always popular and in fact it rarely is but, it should never be ignored. The media did everyone a disservice by only covering half the story. Yes, MS did a God awful job of PR. They also had some interesting ideas that in the long run, were going to be good for gamers and the industry as a whole. It’s a shame people are only hearing of them now. So, to all of you who participated in this hype machine of negativity, “Shame on you. Do us all a favor and crawl outside the hype”.